We are offering age appropriate 'COOKING' CLASSES for 3-5 old years on Wednesday mornings. The next block starts on June 15th till July 20th (6 weeks). During the sessions we will covering all the basic skills needed in a kitchen: Weighing, pouring and measuring. Learning safe cutting with plastic utensils. Breading and flouring. Spreading and stirring. Sieving and mixing. Kneading, shaping and using cutters. This will be a lot of fun but also educational.

This class is for children that can participate without their parents/care givers present (aiding independent learning). There will be a max of 6 children per group and two adults present, Brie and her assistant. All equipment and ingredients will be provided, and your children will be able to either eat or take home their creations. On the last day of classes, the adults will be invited in for a 'tea party' so your little ones can share their new culinary skills with you. 

'Cooking with children is the best way to teach the principles of good nutrition and encourage healthy eating habits for life, as well as developing a love and appreciation of cooking and delicious food. But cooking with pre-schoolers also gives them an early grounding in science, math, language, art and even reading'.

As with all Classes  -  The Playspace is half price on the day of your class.


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"With my degree in 'Childrens Counselling and Advocacy' and over seven years experience as a baker - I have found creative expression in the kitchen to be one of the most therapeutic ways of selfcare. I truly believe in creating a safe and familiar space for children to learn and create. With my time at Circus I have been given the opportunity to enjoy both of these passions together in one wonderful space. I invite you to engage your little ones in the wonderment that is fun and food! Let's learn, play and create something yummy!"