Toddlers are exploring their new found independence and will be very curious to test your limits (aka push your buttons).
Learn some tried-and-instantly effective tips on how to interact positively with your toddler so they’ll be more willing to cooperate with you while you help them develop self-regulation skills.

We will discuss strategies on how to:

  • Set boundaries without always using the word “NO
  • Reduce temper tantrums
  • Decrease frustrations + meltdowns
  • Get your toddler to cooperate with minimal protesting
  • Nip power struggles in the bud
  • Help toddlers build emotional literacy so they can communicate their needs clearly and respectfully

At the end of the workshop you will walk away with practical tools you can implement immediately. As an added bonus, we are also gifting you with a complimentary 20 min. follow-up call to discuss + fine tune the strategies to meet your family’s specific needs.