Learn how to have a healthy mind, body, and home! This workshop will provide detailed and practical tips that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. You will learn how to easily reduce your family's exposure to toxins and boost your immune system to better handle unavoidable toxins. We will walk through recipes for personal care and household products, and immune-boosting foods, as well as stress management strategies and ways to incorporate physical activity into your life. 

By the end of the workshop, you will learn:

  • How we are exposed to toxins, why children are at a greater risk, and the resultant impacts on your health
  • Ways to improve your home's indoor air quality, including what household plants are best at removing toxins from the air and how to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • How to reduce your exposure to pesticides and other toxins in food
  • How to read product labels
  • How to make your own:
    • Personal care products for you and your children
    • Cleaning products
    • Immune-boosting foods
  • How to design a green nursery and how to look for safer greener baby gear
  • Stress management strategies
  • Ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life

You will get to see live demonstrations of many recipes, as well as receive a take home reference guide so that you can start taking action at home right away!

September 19
September 20