Oct 1st 2018, 10 to 12noon


Time: Oct 1st 2018, 10 to 12noon
Duration: 2 hours
For: parents of children aged 2-6
Instructor: Leah Schrader, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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As many parents understand, convincing your child to eat the right nutrition is not an easy thing.  This workshop is designed to provide ways for parents to offer wholesome, nutritious, and tasty foods that the 2 ½ to 5 year old child will enjoy and readily want to eat.  One of the major focuses of a holistic nutritionist is to incorporate whole foods into our diet. For example, using the whole grain, eating fruit at its freshest, meat raised in wholesome environments.  Enzymes are an integral part of every living thing and when we eat holistically, we take advantage of those enzymes. Today’s food supply is more complicated than ever and parents are concerned with what is in the foods they are feeding their children.

This program will assist parents to understand how to look for foods that are Natural, Living and Quality.  At the end of this workshop you will have a strong understanding of optimum ways to ensure you are giving your child the best chance to develop good eating habits.  Included in this workshop is contact information that will give the parent with questions opportunity to speak one to one with Leah Schrader RHN to address your child’s specific issues.

There will also be a variety of toys for your child to entertain them while we speak, as well as handouts of food ideas and recipes.

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Leah Schrader is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a 33 year ECE veteran of a prominent childcare center. Her brother is a naturopath in Winnipeg and she has a 25 year old son.