1. First thing to do when you arrive is 'CHECK YOUR KIDS IN' and electronically sign the waiver. You can save time before your visit by doing it here: New Account Sign UpKids can go in right away, socks only, please place all shoes (including grown ups shoes) in the cubbies. If you would like more information about why we need people to Check-in please click here:  'Check In/ Kidcheck' 
  2. Next please bring the printed labels to the Cafe Counter to pay and get them marked.  You can then order drinks and food at the same time if you would like too.
  3. Place the Kids label on their back.  Then play, relax and enjoy your time : )


  • No food, drink or shoes ONLY SOCKS in the Playspace please, its very important we keep it clean.
  • No outside food to be brought in except prepackaged baby food, formula, breast milk or water in sippy cups. We serve a selection of healthy food for kids on our menu including fruits, parfaits, veggies and crackers.  Some children may have severe allergies and so we strive to keep any out side allergens from entering Circus.     Circus is a tree-nut free environment.    Thank you.