New May 2019 classes are coming soon!

13 to 24months   |   (Tuesdays)  May 7, 14, 21, 28, 2019   |   9:45-10:45am  |  $99  

While you may have been super in tune with your baby’s development, the toddler stage is a whole new ball game where their budding personality is emerging in full force.Big emotions, rigid preferences, testing limits, pushing boundaries, meltdowns, tantrums and doing the opposite of everything you ask is the story of your life, and sometimes you have no idea how to best support their needs without losing your mind.

IntelliPLAY TOTS is our signature multi-sensory Parent + Tot play program designed to show you exactly:

  • How to support your toddler’s challenging behaviours (ie. hitting, grabbing, defiance, tantrums) with love + compassion

  • How to facilitate your tot’s interactions + conflict with peers

  • What toddlers need for play and what they are learning from it

  • How to play with your toddler to support their newly emerging skills

  • How to curate play experiences that will support the 3 pillars of intelligence, with a stronger emphasis on social + emotional intelligence.

This 6 session interactive parent + tot program combines early childhood education theory + research and simplifies it into practical, hands-on tools to support your tot’s learning in a loving, respectful and encouraging environment.

Using a play-based learning curriculum, inspired by Montessori and RIE pedagogy/philosophy, we will meet once a week for a 60-minute class where:

  • Toddlers (13 – 24 months) will get a chance to engage in open-ended, child-led play with you and other tots in the class using developmentally appropriate educational toys to stimulate their 3 pillars of intelligence.

We will build on the baby sign language introduced in intelliPLAYTM BABY to further encourage communication and decrease frustration, and learning opportunities will be created for tots to master core toddler development milestones, while practicing newly emerging skills.

Some core toddler development skills we will be focusing on in the sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • IQ: problem solving, cause + effect reasoning, attention regulation, critical thinking, spatial exploration

  • EQ: communicating needs/wants, self-regulation, expressing + regulating emotions, building confidence, impulse control

  • SQ: turn taking, engaging appropriately with peers, learning from peers, social skills

There will be short discussions in each session about common toddler development topics, and you will learn practical strategies on how to support your tot’s overall development in all early childhood development learning domains (motor, language, cognitive, self-help, social + emotional), while getting customized, guided support.

The toddler stage can be extremely tricky, but we can give you the tools to confidently support your toddler’s development so you can continue to nurture a trusting, secure relationship with your child, while helping them develop skills that will make every day routines less of a battle.


Cherrie is a Parenting Coach who specializes in baby and toddler development. She has a background in child psychology + early childhood education and earned an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from UBC.

Her forte is in helping parents take the guesswork out of parenting young children so they can parent with confidence and stop second guessing themselves. Cherrie is also wildly passionate about building a community that supports parents to take care of their wellbeing too – so they don’t lose themselves in the parenthood journey.

COST:  $99 per child   AGE: 13 to 24months   TIME: 9:45 - 10:45am  AND 4 -5pm

DATES: (Tuesdays) May 7, 14, 21, 28, 2019

CAPACITY: 7 families