MAMA Coach Network

8 week sessions

Once a week for 90 minutes

The Mama coach is a team of Registered Nurses who are committed to making motherhood easier.


New Sessions in May will be coming soon  | 10:30 - 12 pm | $150


Motherhood is the biggest transition women make in their lifetime. It can be isolating, and the internet can be a scary place to find information. 

Each class has a learning component where each mama will have opportunity to ask questions and get answers from a Registered Nurse. We have the skills and the training to give your family the quality care you deserve. We are all Mama’s too- we have been in your shoes and will share knowledge and you will feel incredibly supported. We specialize in prenatal education, lactation, sleep coaching and allergies. 

Examples of weekly topics include:

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Sleep
  • Starting solids and food allergies
  • Post Partum Depressin & Anxiety
  • Dealing with illness with your little one
  • Developmental milestones
  • Pelvic floor physio
  • Dental hygiene
  • Colic
  • Mom guilt
  • Transitioning back to work
  • and many more...

The Mama Coach wants to help you make lasting friendships with other Mamas and give you opportunities to enjoy your little one!  Each week half of our session is spent doing exactly this...Here are some examples:

  • Baby massage
  • Baby yoga
  • Music
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Mini mom makeovers
  • and many more...

Motherhood is a beautiful, challenging time in a woman’s life and we are here to help you find a solution. Bring your baby and get to know other moms with babies of a similar age



The Mama Coach is a company comprised of Registered Nurses. We are all mamas and we get it. There are a million ways to parent and we want to support you in your journey.  We are the only Mom group comprised of only Health Professionals. You will get all the information, without the judgement.

We have developed an 8 week course that is full of reliable information on your baby and motherhood, and also has a huge element of fun. It is so important to have opportunity to relax and enjoy your baby and we have chosen our favourite activities to help with that. 


If you are interested in this class, please register on the waiting list. We will be contacting you soon!

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