Music Workshops with Musical Expressions

Connecting with you again while being a mom: For a happier and healthy You & baby.


Time:: August 3 and 4th, 10 to 11am
Price: $50 for both days per person

We love our babies and are blessed to be mothers, nevertheless sometimes we can feel stressed, lonely, depressed or exhausted... This is something many mothers live with, but not for long! It is however something that many don't know have a simple fix! Therefore, Join us on

July 6: Learn how to use music to reconnect with yourself and calm your child down for sleep
July 6 workshop with Joney and learn how to use music effectively for yourself (connecting with your subconscious mind) and how to use it with your child to get them to calm down or sleep.
This class is for both parents and babies/kids to participate. 

July 7: Feel Better & Reload Meditation For Mothers (we encourage just to have the moms attend for this one without their child)
July 7 workshop with Eva in a meditation session. You will see how you could change your focus in order to get back your shine and feel fully you again, while being able to be a the supermom you are! 
This class for parents only to participate. 

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About Joney & Eva:
Joney Poon is the owner of Musical Expressions. Joney has her BS in Clinical Psychology & Music Therapy. She is also a certified Clincial Hypnotherapist and has further training in NMT (neuro music therapy), and neonatal music therapy.  Joney is passionate with working with people and children and has experience in early childhood development. Her mission is to guide individuals who want to become their optimal version of themselves and to be balanced. Her goal is to help you make lasting changes: to overcome things holding you back & to tap into your creative selves to allow you to feel and express in a healthy way and be the best you can be. Give the gift of music, a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Eva Szekely:  
Is a Meditation Coach and Self-Development Professional. 
After working as a Kindergarten Teacher, she started learning more and more about self-development, inner child healing, balancing life as a parent and so on. Eva traveled the world to learn methods from psychologists of Europe to Gurus of India and molded the best of it together to create tailor-made effective solutions for my clients. Eva's meditations and sessions are made to show results right after attending as well as planting seeds for further growth.