HANDmade by circus WITH LOVE!!!

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It all started when…

As mothers, the owners of Circus Play Cafe, Vivian and Irene, were constantly in search of hearty tasty organic children's snack products for their kids. Often times they were a little frustrated with the limited number of healthy children’s snacks that were offered on the market, which often contained unnecessary additives, non-organic ingredients, and many times included more than necessary amounts of salt. 

As a result, the idea of producing their very own premium organic healthy children’s snack products came into their minds and eventually (after a lot of sourcing, testing, and trial and error) came to reality. The Circus Play Cafe’s healthy premium organic snack products were truly born out of necessity. Vivian with a Food, Nutrition & Health Degree B. Sc. from the University of British Columbia, and Irene with her Business and Marketing background, put their skills together along with a lot of hard work to create what’s best for their kids and for all children. Healthy goodness meets deliciousness.

Thus came alive the Circus Play Cafe premium organic healthy snack products. We source only the finest local organic ingredients to create our delicious, healthy, gluten free, vegan, children's trail mix, which contains a high content in vitamin A, polyphenols, and is rich in magnesium, and which does not contain tree nets or peanuts. 

Crunchy, naturally sweet, and healthy. All the goodness of what nature has to offer packed inside of one convenient snack size bag. Circus Play Cafe’s premium organic gluten free trail mix does not contain nuts, sources from organic local ingredients, and is mixed with healthy ingredients and is ready to enjoy at any time. Try them by the handful as a snack, enjoy them on top of a bowl of yogurt, or sprinkle them over a salad. 

Ingredients: Organic Raisins, Organic Apricots Diced, Organic Pumpkin seeds, Organic Cranberries, Organic Banana Chips, Organic Coconut Chips