TOT Q&A Parenting Series|  Mondays - Nov 20th, 27th and Dec 1st and 8th|  9.45-10.45am|  $85

BABY Q&A Parenting Series| Mondays - Nov 20th, 27th and Dec 1st and 8th|  11am-12noon|  $85


You’ve read the parenting books…
You’ve scoured the blogs…
You’ve gotten advice from your parenting groups to get solutions to your baby or toddler parenting questions…

But the strategies just don’t seem to work when you actually try to put it into practice or you’re overwhelmed by conflicting advice and not sure how to go about it.

You wished there were step-by-step solutions that were easy to follow, suggestions that took into account your family’s unique dynamics, and opportunities to try out the strategies and get assurance that you are on the right track.

This 4 week Baby/Toddler Q&A series offers the chance for families to come together every week to get solutions to the most common parenting challenges at each stage.

  • We’ll discuss why certain challenges are occurring in relation to your child’s unique stage of development
  • You’ll get strategies to deal with them in a way that is supportive to both you and your child’s emotional needs
  • And you’ll get a chance to see the theory in practice as we implement some of the solutions right in class…..because it’s sooooo much easier when you can actually see it modelled in real-life!

Choose from either the Baby Q&A Parenting Series (for littles from 4 to 12 months) or the Toddler Q&A Parenting Series (if your little one is 13 to 24 months). Each series has content tailored specifically to each age group so you will have practical tools for where your kiddo is at right now.