SLEEP SEMINAR - This is a FREE Resource Courtesy of CIRCUS and HILARY COLE    'Sleeping through the Night'  -  Next Date to be decided - near the end of June


How you and your little one can start sleeping great, every night :   In this one-hour seminar, you will learn:

- When your child is ready to sleep through the night

- Common problems that stop babies and toddlers from reaching their sleep potential

- How much sleep your baby or toddler really needs

- 5 tips to help your child sleep better at night and take great naps

- Tricks to stop those early-morning wakings


Hilary is passionate about helping little ones develop healthy sleep habits they will take with them throughout their lives, and loves sharing in the relief and joy parents feel when the whole family is finally sleeping through the night.

As a certified Sleep Sense™ consultant, Hilary has been trained in a proven, effective program that’s helped thousands of babies and their families sleep better, now and long term.

A mother of two young children, she discovered the SleepSense™ program when struggling with her first baby’s sleep. Working with a consultant, she was inspired by the incredible, lasting success her family experienced to help other exhausted families get the sleep they need.

Hilary has also worked in health care for 15 years as a physiotherapist, giving her a healthy respect for the role of research in helping parents make the best decisions for their family. Her years of training in meditation, yoga and Buddhist philosophy have helped her realize the importance of compassion and mindfulness when working with these little beings, and given her tools she is happy to pass on to families coping with the stress that comes with sleepless nights. 

Please feel free to contact Hilary directly if you'd like: