' T H E    C U R I O U S    K I D S    C A M P '   

3.5 - 6 yrs - perfect for siblings to attend together

Kids bring your Curiosity..  as we explore and investigate everyday materials that fizz, foam, stretch and bubble.  Your child will have so much fun making, playing and inquiring  "what will happen if...?"  as we experiment, explore, learn and play in these kiddy chemistry and silly sensory science camps: 

3.5-6yrs CAMPS ARE:  Tues-Fridays | 2.30-4.30pm | $150

WHAT :    

Awesome kiddy chemistry and silly science 'Drop-Off' Camps that encourage children's inherent curiosity to explore, discover and figure things out.  They will have so much fun making, playing and experimenting.  (All materials will be provided and are safe everyday items found in the kitchen - With the a exception of a little borax). 

  • We'll be making our own slime, goo and dough.  
  • Creating moon sand, fizzy slush and magic expanding paint.
  • Playing with foaming coloured foam and excavating ice worlds.

WHEN :  

Each week during the school summer holidays from:  Tuesday-Fridays  |  2.30-4.30pm  (not Mondays). Doors will open at 2.15pm so you are welcome to play before hand (and we will do 15mins play before activities start as well). Please note this is a 'Drop Off' camp, so children must be able to attend without their caregiver present, and we will ask you to sign a drop-off waiver with their CareCard number. Thanks


For children between 3.5yrs - 6yrs. This is a great camp for siblings to attend together - and there's a Sibling Discount of 15% off the Whole Total:   Use Code 'Sibling-Discount' at Checkout.  Camp is $150 each child before the discount.

WHO BY :  

The camps will be lead by two greatly passionate and inquiring grown-ups - Anuk (the owner of Circus) and Brie (BA in Women's and Children's Psychology / baker / facilitator and generally amazing person).  


The activities will all be in the main cafe area. Please kids wear socks + and old clothes that can get messy.



Date and Camp:
Book my 'Curious Kids' Camp


This camp is where kids can become small alchemists and scientists as they explore the wonders and fun of chemical reactions. They'll marvel at the surprises that emerge. We'll be creating goopy oobleck, fizzy coloured slush, colour changing potions and edible crystals.

FOAMY, FIZZY FUN:   August 1-4th

Welcome to the fizzy, foamy world of kiddy chemistry.  What are some things that fizz and foam? What makes them do that?  We'll be having lots of fun as we create and play with magic foaming dough, fizzy coloured slush, fizzy balloons and foaming potions.

DINOSAUR WORLD:  August 8-11th * 3 SPOTS LEFT *

This week we'll be experimenting and creating.. we'll make our own small dino world with foaming volcanos and moon sand, we'll excavate frozen ice blocks and investigate what makes the best crystals in our glittery dino egg geodes.


This week we'll be getting messy as we make various slimes, flubber, create goopy oobleck and experiment with colourful mixtures - like how can we tie-dye milk or make a rainbow in a jar?