Monday June 4th, 2018

Do you notice that your child is particularly sensitive, slow-to-adapt, persistent, energetic, or intense at times?

Are there elements of their behaviour that are frustrating and confusing? There are many different facets of temperament, or how a child is “wired” that have significant effects on their behaviour. This workshop is designed to help parents and caregivers understand their child on a whole new level.

We will explore:

·         different variables of personality and temperament

·         the “fit” between parents personalities and those of their children

·         the “why” behind behaviours that appear baffling and oppositional

·         how to communicate limits without shame or frustration

·         how to handle meltdowns and emotional moments

·         specific ways to bring out your child’s natural strengths and abilities

By the end of the workshop parents will have a tailored personality profile for their child, with plenty of practical ideas of how to help them build self-esteem and be the best version of themselves.


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Kate Saunders has over 15 years of experience at Westcoast Family Centres as a counsellor and parent educator, specializing in working with children and families. Kate completed her BA in Child Youth Care and her MA in Counselling Psychology, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She works therapeutically with teens and adults, with children in play therapy, and with parents and children together to address challenging behaviors. Kate is a certified practitioner of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, one of the few empirically-valid treatments for disruptive behavior in young children. Kate focusses particularly on supporting healthy attachment and emotional development with all of her clients.

Monday June 4th, 2018   |   6.30 - 8:30pm   |   $40 for one parent, $60 for both parents

PLEASE NOTE:   *  hese workshops sell out  - so Please Register early to avoid disappointment!  All booking is online. Turning up on the day is not permitted as we have a limited amount of spaces available.

* Babies or very young infants are welcome, but please leave mobile children at home.          

 * The café is not open during evening workshops, so bring your desired beverage with you  ;)

Understanding Your Child's Personality Workshop
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