'WOMEN'S  EMPOWERMENT  WORKSHOP' - please complete the form if you would like to participate

This Women’s Empowerment group, gives you the opportunity to take some time to rediscover your sense of self after pregnancy, child-birth or adoption, and parenting your little ones.

'Women's Empowerment Workshop' is a closed (non-drop-in) women's group, specifically tailored for mothers with children 5 years old and younger. For 2 hours per week, over 8 consecutive weeks, we will collectively focus on important areas of change with a group of like-minded and supportive women. A pre-group screening session, by phone, is required to make sure the group is a right fit for you. The groups are facilitated by two Registered Clinical Counsellors (see the biographies below to learn more about the facilitators).

This is a psycho-educational and process group. Many activities will utilize expressive therapy techniques, mixed with other clinical approaches. The group will be a safe space for mothers to learn, feel supported, share their stories, and raise self-awareness to reconnect or rediscover yourself.


TARA:   Tara has been in the social services field for 20 years working with children, youth and families in Vancouver. Tara holds a BA in Child & Youth Care and a MA in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Tara has her own private practice called Kindred Counselling where she practices Play Therapy with children and youth. Tara also works with adults wanting to overcome trauma using EMDR. Tara is passionate about her work and has an unwavering dedication to her clients. As a client-centred practitioner her goal in every session is to create a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment which allows her clients to be themselves.  In this authentic and safe space, meaningful change can occur.

Tara’s interest in Women Empowerment groups began with her own participation in a group. She benefitted from the interaction with other woman and gained confidence and a better understanding of herself.

"I believe that taking the step to begin counselling is an intentional act of self-care and that progress in counselling can strengthen a client's relationship with themselves and others and give them the resources and capacity to overcome ongoing life challenges."

CATHY:   Back in 1991, when Cathy was a new mother, she attended a weekly support group facilitated by Pacific Post-Partum Support Society. She struggled with her new and overwhelming responsibilities of being a mother. One issue she realized was that she had lost her identity. Cathy wants to assist mothers in reclaiming their identity. Cathy is motivated to help other new mothers re-discover their lost selves.

Currently, Cathy operates her own private practice, Imagine Counselling, in Coquitlam and North Burnaby. Cathy’s passion is working with mothers and children and she believes we all have the ability to be creative. Art therapy helps our unconscious speak what cannot be expressed with words.

Cathy’s other passions are her two adult children, both of whom have exceeded her wildest dreams.


THIS IS AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLORE WHO YOU ARE NOW YOU'RE A MOTHER - IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT, SUPPORTED AND EMPOWERED BY LIKE MINDED WOMEN AND HELD BY COMMITTED EXPERIENCED COUNSELLORS.  There needs to be a minimum of eight participates to create a good group, so please do fill in the form if you are interested in any capacity. Thanks. 

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