Raising the Next Generation, A Parenting Workshop.

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Facillitated by: Ishtar Beck, MA, RCC, CCC, CPF


"Things are softer in my relationships with my children. I'm enjoying them more. Because I'm becoming softer and more playful, less hooked in, and setting better boundaries, my daughter is happier and I'm able now to see more of the nice little girl that she really is." -J, amazing mom of a 5 & 3year old

"I came to this parenting class skeptical. It's been great to hear other parents go through the same as, and worse than what we do. It's nice to know you're not alone in losing your sanity with your children. It's given me a lot of reflection. There have definitely been improvements. I'm more conscious, less reactive, more calm." -P, devoted dad of a 6 and a 4year old

"It's been great to come to the parenting class and have a space to be mindful and think about things and discuss with other adults, to think and feel and process." A, magnificent mom of 3 kids, ages 8 and under.

This workshop guides parents in creating co-operation with children, peace at home and more joy in the family. In a 7-week program we will learn and apply methods of effective communication, firm discipline and loving connection with our children. Based on the highly regarded STEP program blended with attachment and mindfulness practices, this workshop comes with a warning:  Parents beware: Skills gained may result in greater confidence and connection for both you and your kids!

When:   Wednesday evenings:  7-8.45pm   |   January 10th, 17th, 31st & February 14th,  28th & March 14th

Tuition:  $240 (including GST) per household.  One or both parents may attend. 

Registration:  To register please confirm the availability of your spot via email to: ishtar@cousellinghome.ca. A registration e-form will be sent to you once your spot is confirmed.  Phone registration is also accepted, please call:  778 868 4181

For more information see:   www.counsellinghome.ca   or email ishtar@counsellinghome.ca.

Meet Ishtar :  Ishtar Beck, MA, CCC  facilitates 'The Next Generation' Workshop.

Tuition payment will go directly to the facilitator. Cheque and e-transfer are accepted.

Sliding scale spots may be available. Please inquire directly with the facilitator; inquiries are kept confidential.

‘Raising the Next Generation’ will take place in an open, inclusive, non-judgmental environment that celebrates diversity.