1.     You have rented Circus for your Party for 3 hours from either 12.30-3.30pm or 4-7pm. It’s very important everyone has vacated the premises by 3.30pm or 7pm accordingly! Failure to do so may incur overtime charges.

2.     You are welcome to decorate in anyway you like as long as there is no damage to the walls, Café or PlaySpace. Please remove anything big that you have brought in to the premises - we are unable to dispose of large amounts of garbage as the building has limited facilities for this. Unfortunately from now on the two large tables cannot be moved due to staff injuries. The smaller tables and chairs can be moved.

3.     Please note: all children going into the Playspace must be signed-in. You will be provided with a liability waiver and all parents must sign this to allow their kids access to the playspace. FAILING THAT - YOU AS THE PARTY HOST WILL BE LIABLE FOR ALL YOUR GUESTS!   YOU MAY ALSO CHOOSE TO CLAIM FULL LIABILITY.

4.     Only socks in the Playspace please, for both adults and children. Please remind your guests to bring socks. There are lots of cubbies provided for shoes and bags etc.

5.     No food or drinks are allowed in the Playspace under any circumstance. Please keep an eye for any children doing this.

6.     You will be liable for any damage to the PlaySpace or Café caused by Older Children or your guests. All kids in the Playspace must be 5 years old and under. (Unless previously arranged with management.)

7.     We are happy for you to bring your own food and drinks but NOT tea or coffee; these must be purchased from Circus.

8.     Please do not bring any water bottles, we have a self-serve tap.

I have read and understood the above conditions and also understand that I may incur extra charges if either my guests or myself do not adhere to the above conditions.