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Play is where the magic of life happens. It’s where we become ourselves, where we learn, explore, grow and create. Play is where we find our passions, conquer our fears, express our frustration and show our love. At Circus we believe children and their families deserve more opportunities to play, to reach their fullest potential and to engage with each-other fully. We are committed to creating the spaces, opportunities and communities that inspire us to play.

..To play together is to love one-another.


WHAT IS CIRCUS ALL ABOUT :  Circus is a purposefully designed play space where children and their families can connect, learn and grow through the power of play and imagination.

Through the combination of beautiful yet simple design, high-quality play equipment and facilitated and structured classes and workshops, our aim is to inspire families to freely be themselves.

Circus was created out of a desire to provide both adults and children with a space for meaningful interactions.