We do have big news!   After almost three amazing years we have decided that it is time for us to move on and therefore are passing on the reins of Circus to some new and lovely owners.  Please let us introduce Vivian and David who have been long term customers and supporters of Circus. They are also parents and have two little boys of their own.
It’s been an amazing journey and we’re very proud of what we created. We are even prouder of the community that you have formed. Since its inception Circus has evolved into a space where families can connect, learn and grow together, which is exactly what we set out to achieve. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and contribution in making this happen! 
There is so much to say goodbye to, but the thing we will miss the most is the relationships and connections that we made along the way. 
Vivian and David wish to continue Circus’s vision, so the Circus you know and love will continue, including all parties, classes and workshops in its present form for the foreseeable future. Vivian also has some exciting plans for where to take the concept next and we know these will be a boon to the community in the coming months and years.
We believe that we found in Vivian & David people who share our vision and we are excited to see where they will take Circus next. Vivian will start on January 16th and she and I (Anuk) will work together on the handover until the middle of February, so we’ll both be around if you have any concerns or questions.
As for our future, Toby and I are taking a breath but continuing Carousel Café (at Trout Lake Community Centre) so feel free to pop in and say hello. 

Once again, thank you for helping us make Circus the crazy, wonderful roller coaster that it’s been these past three years.  From the bottom of our hearts, and from our family to all of yours, we will miss you and your kidlets. We hope you enjoy many wonderful, playful interactions, for a long time to come :)
Anuk & Toby.. X



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Circus is a purposefully designed play space where children and their families can connect, learn and grow through the power of play and imagination.

Through the combination of beautiful yet simple design, high-quality play equipment and facilitated and structured classes and workshops, our aim is to inspire families to freely be themselves.

Circus was created out of a desire to provide both adults and children with a space for meaningful interactions.