New 2018 fall parties schedule

Saturday's at:  5:30-8:30pm

Sunday's at:  9am-12noon  |  12.30-3.30  |  4-7pm

CIRCUS PARTIES:  You have Circus ALL to yourselves to enjoy privately with your friends & family.

PLEASE NOTE parties in fall of 2018 will be now on BOTH Saturdays AND Sundays. 
There will be one slot on Saturday night at: 5:30-8:30pm. AND there will be three time slots (to accommodate every nap time :) on Sunday at:   9am-12noon  |  12.30-3.30pm  |  4-7pm

COST?  Each party is $425 plus GST and you are renting Circus for three hours - this includes set up and break down time, so it is up to you how you would like to organize that time but we recommend a 30min set up time.  To ensure your Party runs smoothly - the times of 5:30-8:30pm on Saturday or 9am-12noon / 12.30-3.30pm / 4pm-7pm on Sundays must be adhered too!  As host you may NOT arrive earlier than 5:30pm, 9am, 12.30pm or 4pm respectively, and your Party MUST be broken down and all guests promptly vacated by the 8:30pm, 12noon, 3.30 or 7pm end time. You may occur additional costs if these times are not adhered too.  Thank you.  PLEASE NOTE: ONCE PARTIES ARE BOOKED AND PAID FOR THEY ARE 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.

WHAT?   Included with your party is the whole of Circus EXCLUDING the back room.  Two urns of fresh filtered coffee (and cups and condiments). Usage of all children plates and drinking cups.  Usage of adults plates and cutlery (we have about 25 sets) and napkins. We also have a cake knife, a lighter and emergency candles, just incase :)

HOW MANY GUESTS?  The Playspace can hold up to 22 children (excluding babies under 8 months).   For any of your kiddie guests that are over 5, please ask them to play very gently in the Playspace (as its only designed for 0-5yrs) or even bring some arts and crafts for them to enjoy and give them the 'job' of looking after the little ones :)     For adults about 35 is the max, anymore and it can start to feel a rather crowded.

FOOD:  You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own food! - Unfortunately we are unable to provide large scale party catering at this time as our kitchen is just too small.  We can provide you with suitable plates and cups for your kiddo's, and we have around 25 sets of plates and cutlery for adults. 

DRINKS:  Included in your Party are two large urn's of freshly brewed local organic coffee.  Any other or additional drinks will be charged separately.  Your Party does NOT automatically include a Barista - if you would specifically like espresso based drinks please make that known on the online form at the time of booking, thanks. There is no additional charge for a barista, its just making sure we are staffed correctly :)    -- PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ALLOW THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL AT PARTIES.

MUSIC + PHOTOS:   You are welcome to plug your iPhone / iPod / Playlist into our Sound System so you can enjoy your own music at your Party. You are also welcome to use our projector to display a slide show of your chosen photos - These need to be saved as individual jpeg photos on a USB stick that the projector will convert into a slide show ( please don't create moving images on your USB stick as it won't work with our projector).