single admission :


Babies     (0 - 6 months)       Free

Crawlers  (6 - 14 months)     $6

One Child   (15m - Pre K)     $9

Additional Children:               $6


books of ten : (20% off)

Child Admission  x 10           $70

Crawler / Sibling  x 10           $48 

unlimited pass:


This allows 'unlimited' entry to the Playspace at anytime. Perfect for our frequent visitors.

1  Child - 3 Month Pass        $150

2-3 Child - 3 Month Pass   $250


From March 1st there is a price increase for both play admissions by $2 (or $1 per hour) as reflected above. It will be our first price increase in 2 yrs and is a necessity to make the business a sustainable one. We still offer one of the more value orientated PlaySpace admissions available and in the next month or so will be changing the check in process along with some other upgrades to better serve our customers and to streamline the business. We also intend to add extra value in the PlaySpace as well as refreshing older toys and adding new exciting ones!

As always we are a local family run business that strives to provide the best quality & value we can, while also trying to support other local business and the Community. 

We hope you will always enjoy your time here at Circus. Thank you...  The Circus Family Gang.